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The Core Team

Every member of the church body is integral to building each other up in Christ,

but this team have a particular role in overseeing various ministries and running things day-to-day.

They meet together every month to discuss and pray.

Sam Foulds (Revd)

Sam has overseen both TCC Rusholme and Fallowfield since the summer of 2018.


If you'd like to know more about the vision of TCC, get in contact using the form on the Home Page.

Michael & Susan Scott

Michael and Susan were part of the original team that planted TCC in 2010.

They contribute so much to the church family in the Music Team, pastoral work, Service Leading and Preaching, but in particular lead the Farsi language ministry and host the Bible Study at their house.

John & Lorna Haines

John and Lorna were also in the original planting team.

Among many other admin and set-up roles, they play a massive part in the Kids and Music Teams.


We have a duty to look after every member of the church family and every person who visits.

Our safeguarding leads are Lorna Haines, Sam Foulds and Will Graham.

If, for any reason, you need to pass on some information, please contact

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